Friday, June 29, 2012

House Fowl

Speaking of birds, we have a new avian in our household...  Out of a mysteriously shaped, and partially-open package from Princess Bossy and Prince Helium, hatched a new funky chicken for my belated birthday gift.

I am not a fan of countryish chicken decor.  No offense to any who love it; it's just not me.  But several years back, I was amused by these funnily roly-poly, ceramic hens, and had to have some.  They have recently nested in the dish hutch in our kitchen.

This new guy is arty and metally cool, a little edgier than the comical hens, and with a more overbearing countenance... As every proud rooster should have.  
Deserving a place on high from which to guard his brood and coop, I have placed him on top of the hutch.  When it gets its top molding, he'll no longer fit... But I have a feeling he's safe there for awhile.

Prince CuddleBunny said he needed a name.  Prince Stoic said "Richard" would be an appropriate, 'classy, lord-over-the-ceramic-chickens, -type name.'  So Richard, it is.  I hope my uncle, who shares the same name, won't mind...  He is classy, after all.

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