Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Some have expressed concern over my lack of posting.  I'm touched by the concern (and that you've noticed!), and I don't really have any big explanation or huge accomplishments to share.  It's just a busy life.

Without time, still, to spend composing a deeper message, I thought I'd just share just some of what went on around our house this weekend... 

Prom time! for Prince Inventive

Princess Artiste worked on her nutrition assignment,
which was "Superfood: Oatmeal."  Along with a written
report, she had to make 5 recipes with oatmeal as a crucial
ingredient, and have photos to document.  Princess
Eager was her photographer.

Hubby and Prince Steadfast worked on the garage...

...but the prince made time to study for finals and to get out
in the kayaks twice with his wife.

Princess Sassy and I finally planted our pots

Positive thinking:  My future pesto supply

Hoping the growing color will detract from the other porch clutter.  ;-)
Actually, I will probably move some of the pots around the house and
yard, instead of having the line-up on the porch.  As they get started,
it's a great place for sun and easy access to water.

Hubby and I also enjoyed a potluck with his closest colleagues from work (for which 3 of us made pasta salad...oops), and spent Sunday morning, with the rest of our Bible study group, helping prep for our church's annual community outreach, called "Bikes, Bands, and BBQ."  It's the largest motorcycle event in the county, and had a lot of food and fun.  We spent a few hours, mostly up to our elbows mixing and serving Asian Slaw... enough to serve 750.   I wish I'd thought to snap a few pics, especially of that slaw, which resembled confetti, with its mixed red and green cabbage, Napa cabbage, red bell peppers, carrots, sugar pea pods, green onion, crumbled Ramen noodles, sliced almonds, and an Asian vinaigrette dressing.

 I hope you're enjoying your June!

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