Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Gift of Family Service

When he knew something big was afoot, Hubby started trying to guess... "Maybe the beams got put up in the garage?... Or, the foundation started for the family room?"  You can't say he doesn't dream big!  But he had to wait.  A couple of the princes were at graduation parties, and would be home in time for dinner.

Meanwhile, he was allowed to enjoy the newly trimmed yard from the newly cleaned front porch, while Princess Sassy filled him in on the new whereabouts of the tools she'd moved.  ;-)

We also started working on dinner.

The boys finally returned, and most of us gathered at the site, as Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast led Hubby around the corner of the house, with his eyes closed.  

To remind you of the before...

And here's the result:

Checking out Prince Go-for-It's contribution: a nice bench

After dinner S'mores!

He was pretty pleased... and I'm sure we'll enjoy this spot a lot this summer, and, hopefully, for years to come.  Of course, the greatest gift was seeing the kids all pull together and do something so loving for their dad, and for something we can all share, making more fun, family memories.

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