Friday, February 15, 2013

A Beastly Invasion

Apparently, when one Beast is welcomed into the house,  others follow...

... If you order and pay for them.  ;-)  This most recent arrival one is presently looming over the aisle that runs from our back door, past our sewing room.

This is actually not as full as it can get.  This is
after a week or so of use so that things don't
fall on your toes when it opens

For quite awhile, we've had issues with our freezer.  --Not any issues that are its fault.  It's just that with 9 people in the house, including a young couple who keeps their own supply of foods, many of them frozen, the freezer gets FULL.  

I would like to keep additional supplies of things we go through quickly, like chicken breasts and berries.  I would've loved to harvest or buy produce in the summer and freeze it for winter use.  I have also long wanted to do some 'mega cooking,' in order to freeze pre-prepared dishes that would be quick and easy to heat up on busy days.  But there hasn't been room for any of that.

Our new addition should make all of it possible!  We considered a freezer available at our local Costco, but it was smallish and bare-bones, with very little organizational help inside.  

This one, which, like the oven, came via Albert Lee Appliance, has nice shelves, pull-out baskets, and adjustable door storage.  

This was just after it was plugged in, so just starting to cool.

It's also a little high-tech, with electronic controls and read-out on the front, plus door-ajar, and high heat alarms.  Since a certain prince, who tends to "Go-for" things and then move on a little too quickly, often leaves the freezer door just short of sealing closed, the latter could be a big help.

It is not sitting in its permanent position.  We're relocating the main floor laundry center out into the breezeway, the connecting area between the existing house and new garage.  The plumbing has been moved, so the washer is already out there. Since the dryer venting remains for the moment, so does the dryer.  

But soon we'll have this little alcove to use.  I'm thinking it will be just right for the freezer, and a cabinet that will conceal the cat box and provide additional pantry or sewing storage (completely separated from the litter box, of course.)  So, this alcove has a makeover in its future!

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