Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Presenting Oven #7

I know you've been awaiting oven photos, and I'm so slow!

Hubby was able to gently, but firmly, with the use of 2 boards along each side, and a clamp spanning underneath, to bring the bowed out, left, bottom section into line, so the new oven would fit into the cabinet.  (In case you missed it and are confused, I showed the damage around the bottom of the oven when it arrived in this post.) 

Before and after Hubby worked his magic

Thankfully, the oven was a bit smaller than the specs indicated, so we had a little more wiggle room than we'd thought, so perfection in getting those bent areas flat wasn't necessary.

Our plan to have the oven delivered onto milk crates, so that it was about a foot off the floor, worked like a charm when it came to sliding it into place.  (Here would be a good place for a photo of that process, if I were a more conscientious blogger!  But I was busy watching and holding my breath.)

Anyway, in it went, and very important, 

on it went.

And then the bread went in...

and came out beautifully.  So, on its first test of baking performance, it gets an A.  --The behated Monogram oven passed its first test of bread, too, so this is far from a conclusive result, but so far, so good.

This is my 3rd display oven, and the first of which has missing parts.  It was supposed to come with 

  • 2 baking trays, that double as racks as well as pans...  Check.
  • 2 broiler pan/rack combos, one outfitted with the rotisserie unit.  These also slide right into the rack brackets... Check.
  • 2 regular-oven-like wire racks.... Uh... No check.  :-(
  • 1 temperature probe... Shoot.  No check again.  :-(    :-(   

I'm doubly sad about that last one, because I've become so spoiled and dependent on a probe.  And wouldn't you know, I've cooked 3 roasts, 1 turkey breast, besides the bread, for which you may  remember I learned to use a probe (post about that here), in the last 4 or 5 days?  Without it means much more hassle and uncertainty!

I am told... now... that missing pieces are part of the risk of buying a floor model oven.  Since it's never happened before, I didn't realize this would be a possibility.  Even though it's part of the "as-is" condition, the salesman and distributor are working on finding me the parts.  :-)  

Albert Lee Appliance, Seattle store
This reminds me... I should have mentioned by now that if you're anywhere near Seattle and in the market for a major appliance, I can heartily recommend Michael Hoag of Albert Lee Appliance, who has been exceedingly patient through my hundreds of emails, and so helpful in this journey.  He's checked and double checked information with the Gaggenau distributor as to my pizza baking and concerns regarding oven quality and customer support.  He made sure we're well covered with warranty, at no extra expense to us, because of the ridiculous oven history we've had.  His management team has supported him in this, so I continue to be impressed with the business, as a whole.

You need to know more about this new oven, information with which I will come back with later.  
I promise.

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