Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My "Forever Kitchen" at 5 Years

5 years ago yesterday, after 18 months of DIY building, and almost 2 years with the 10 of us squeezed housed in a 30-year old, 900 square foot, single-wide mobile home, we got our long-awaited Certificate of Occupancy.

We're still not finished with all the details, as you probably know, but at that point not all the cabinet doors were finished, the wood for the island top was piled on the island, dishwasher panels were yet to be made, carpentry tools sat amongst our cooking tools, etc., etc.  


But we were thrilled to have a working stove and running water, and permission to turn them on!  We had stir-fry that night,  having long wondered how it would be to actually stir-fry over a gas flame, as opposed to pretty much steaming a similar dinner on an electric range.

It was a welcome sight to see this go away!!!!!  It did it's job for us,
and we'd been thankful it existed... But we were more than finished with it.

I plan to follow up with how our choices have endured the last 5 years.  Most things I'm very happy about.  Some things I would've done differently.  More of that ahead.

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