Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parent-Kid Date: Prince Stoic

In November, when we took Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast along for a couples' weekend, and in December, when we took Princess Bossy and Prince Helium to Portland's Powell's City of Books and Flying Pie Pizzeria, we were reminded of the summer we did individual outings with our kids.  We took each to somewhere or something special, as they requested and we could afford.  These dates were so enjoyed by all of us, that we vowed to continue them as a yearly thing.  That was the summer I found out I was pregnant with Prince 9 years ago!  Being obviously quite overdue, we prompted the kids to think of date destinations.
I thought maybe we'd have to prod Prince Stoic a little extra to come up with a suggestion, but he had one right away.  He wanted to go to Portland, too, but instead of Powell's, which he also loves, he chose The One Motorcycle Show.  

There he could combine his interests in motorcycles and photography.

This event had all sorts of special motorcycles, many vintage or antique. --All beloved, and many of them jazzed up in one way or another.  

This one had a lot of work and detail put into it, to be sure

...And this one had high-tech additions to stay connected while on the road.

But this one is much more my style... Jazzy, a little bling, but still sleek and sophisticated... 


Hubby, having ridden motorcycles when younger, and the prince could talk clutches, starters, CCs, and "monoshocks."  I could say things like, "This one looks cool."

This was a German model from the mid 1930s.  Hard to
imagine it existed years before the one Steve McQueen
zipped around on to evade the Germans in one
of our family's favorites, The Great Escape.
I have always thought that's who most guys
on bikes want to be... If not, maybe they should.  ;-)

All 3 of us had fun, looking at the bikes, and spending the day together.  

A lot of the attendees arrived by motorcycle.  I thought Prince Stoic probably wished he brought his own Honda cafe racer to park amongst the rest, instead of arriving in his mother's 4-wheeled Honda vehicle instead.

But we would've had to come in something like this, I guess.  And I think
that might've been a little cold and shaky on the freeway! 

We finished our Portland visit at the Flying Pie, where Prince Stoic chose the exact same pizza types we'd shared with his sister and brother-in-law, and we sat at the same table!  Seems like the definite makings of a tradition.

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