Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 More Things... "E" Things

In addition to the short Bible verse study I've added to my day via my family's lunches, I have a couple of other things that have helped me stay more faith-focused I thought maybe I should mention.  Both come from electronic sources.

1)  I owe thanks to this first one to Your Care Guide: 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity in 2013 on A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp.  This a 25 point plan to care for yourself, stay sane, and have a life that glorifies God.  All great points, but 25 things are a bit overwhelming for me.  I have, though, implemented a few, and maybe a few more are in progress.  The one I want to talk about now is her #4...
Your Care Guide:
25 Point Manifesto for Sanity in 2013

(She also has printable graphics available) 

Your work is art: it needs a soundtrack. 
Find your music.
Play your music.

Sing your music. This is profound.

As early in the morning as I remember - Usually after Hubby and the school-schooled kids are out the door - I start up Pandora on my station that plays inspirational worship and praise music.  (This station was seeded by The Revelation Song as a start.  From that suggestion, Pandora, a free internet music site, plays many, many similar songs for me.)  It fills me, encourages me, and cheers me... And reminds me that all I have is God's, all I do is for God, and He had me and my life in His hands.  It ministers to me in my fatigue, my fear, and my discouragement, which also has to be a blessing to those around me!

2)  Every night I tuck Prince CuddleBunny into bed.  After we say prayers together, he likes me to sit with him awhile as he falls asleep.  I quickly learned that if I don't do something to keep myself alert, I'll wake up about 3 in the morning, still next to him.  So, in the past, I've done things like play Scrabble on a Nintendo DS, or more recently, play Angry Birds, word games, or gem-swapping games on my 7" Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Bible Gateway Mobile App

It finally occurred to me that there must be Bible study apps or Bible knowledge games available for the tablet, too.  

Sure enough.  I now have a Bible verse on my Home screen, and enjoy the app for a daily Bible reading from Bible Gateway.  

There is also a game called Bible or Not Bible?, in which I am shown a quote and must determine whether it came from the Bible or elsewhere.  It's additionally challenging to guess where in the Bible a verse is from, because after I choose "Bible," if that's correct, it gives me the verse's 'address'... it's book, chapter, and verse number.

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