Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Make-Do Decor

Help is supposed to be on the way, in the form of advice from Sarah Sarna, interior designer.

A reminder of the "Before"
But I got too impatient.  Tired of the entry full of odd chairs, the oversized, worn (and orange) couches in our living room, and the bare floor I knew needed a rug,  I woke up Saturday morning, ready to make a change.

I headed to that great design mecca, Home Depot, to choose a rug.  With the help of Prince Inventive and Princess Artiste, we picked out a geometric patterned one, and of course, the pad to go under.

When we got home, Prince Inventive helped haul the larger sofa out to the front porch, and I emptied most of the rest of the room (the TV and storage wall will have to stay, as-is for now).  I swept and scrubbed the floors, then tried bringing things back into the space.

I thought I'd forego couches completely, and perhaps, only put in 2 pairs of chairs... But that was a no-go.  I had to keep the loveseat... Until it can be replaced with something we like better.

Sorry I don't have photos of the process, but most of the kids were in the Big City that day, and took my camera away with them.

I'm not sure of the rug... A little too small, and I wish I'd chosen something with some cream or lighter tones mixed in to brighten up the room a bit.  But the family really likes it, so that's a big plus and it will do nicely for awhile.  

Oops!  You don't get to see the "After" yet...

The walls looked so bare, and I thought maybe it was a place I could add some lighter color and jazz things up.  More on that tomorrow.

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