Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break

Hubby and the junior high and high school kids in our house are on Spring Break, so our homeschooled kiddos are, too.  We also have 3 birthdays in our house ... for Princes Inventive and CuddleBunny, and Princess Artiste.  It's a busy week.

Here are a couple of our activities so far.


There seems to be a theme here, but we really weren't just touring metal animal sculptures....

Or even just big metal sculptures of any and all kinds.  It was just a happy coincidence.  I will tell you more about that trip later.


We're finally to the fun stuff.  With Baby's due date in sight, and pressure heavy on Hubby to get the new hearth and home ready in time, Princess Sassy and I have the green light to start shopping for living space fixtures, decor, etc.  Hubby has gladly relinquished the cabinet-making duties for the kitchenette area above the garage, and we've elected IKEA to take over that task.  So yesterday, the princess and a half ;-) and I visited IKEA and the nearby United Tile to begin accumulating inspiration and plans.

More on that later, too, as things progress!

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