Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree, Up and Decorated!

Yesterday was WONDERFUL.
  • First, we all went to church and watched Princess Eager and Prince CuddleBunny participate in the Christmas program.  (Guess who left the camera on her desk!)
  • While I strung lights on the tree, Hubby lovingly cooked a big brunch.  It is my favorite thing to have the 10 of us around the table!  It is a crazy bunch, and such events are always loud, but happy.  I miss that we used to be together every night for dinner.
  • Princess Sassy's prince, Steadfast, joined us for a lazy day of watching football and movies, while snacking on Princess Bossy's amazing dips and cheesecakes left over from Saturday's get-together.
  • All 11 of us had an uproarious time decorating the trees, starting with the, one-by-one, presentation of new ornaments.
Prince CuddleBunny's Snowman

Princess Bossy's Ballet Slipper, Princess Sassy's Angel, & Princess Artiste's Tree

Prince Stoic's Train & Prince Go-For-It's Boys on a Sled

Prince Inventive's Star & Princess Eager's Snowflake

Prince Helium's Blimp & Prince Steadfast's Santa Candy Cane (the Gingerbread Man idea was a no-go)


  1. I can't and won't argue with you on that point! We definitely are...and thankful every minute.


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