Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In-Laws' Kitchen, Part 2: The New Plan

View from the Breakfast Area...Will anyone even notice the kitchen?!  ;-)
Using Chief Architect software, I tried options, including just painting the original kitchen, showing a similar layout with new appliances, and then a new design.  Besides a lighter color scheme, this new plan keeps the sink and fridge in the original locations, but replaces the cooktop and wall oven with a range for more workspace on the cooking wall.  It also swaps the dishwasher to the opposite side of the sink, so that it frees up the whole corner and puts the dishwasher under the dish storage.  It eliminates the dropped ceiling (a change from 7' to 7'8"), as well as the peninsula with the overhead cabinets that closed in the kitchen so much. I had hoped to fit in a trash pullout, but it seemed the storage and good cabinet sizes were more important, so the trash will have to be under the sink.  
The brothers and sisters-in-law fell in love with the new design.  I have to admit that I was also surprised at how much the changes will do in helping the tiny kitchen show and live much larger.  Hubby and I crunched numbers, and the family was pleased with the proposed budget of $12,000 for cabinets and appliances.  We were going to change countertop and sink, anyway, so those weren't included in that number.  Hubby and his princely work crew have a job ahead of them!   
Here are the plan and rendered views.  I have inserted tiny pics of the original to help see the differences. 

Elevation comparisons...New on top, original on bottom:



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  1. Rhome, I think it looks great! The only change, I'd make is moving the MW to the left of the range. Quick leftover warmups from frig to MW won't go past the cook at the range.

    I haven't been on GW quite as much lately because I think I got a virus from there. Still, I don't know how I missed the start of your blog, but count me as your newest follower.

  2. Thanks, Laxsupermom! Very glad to have you along. :-)
    That spot to the left of the range was my number one spot for the microwave, especially since mw's hinge on the left. I also like that the deeper upper would fit next to the fridge in a nicer way. But I was afraid that area would be important for working next to the stove, since closest to the fridge and with the other counter in the doorway to the dining room. I thought the mw would hang over that counter too much? Maybe I'm thinking too much about the size of my large microwave, and others won't likely have one that big? I will think about it more. I could easily switch up until the last moment, since the cabinets on either side of the range are the same size. The microwave location is under discussion on GW, too. Bmorepanic says go with an OTR...

  3. Jill(bmore) may be right about the OTR. I'm trying my darndest to finagle a MW drawer so I can rip out my OTR, but most buyers (non-TKOers) see them as a plus.

    Oh, incidentally, I e-mailed you offline about something else. I forgot you're on the west coast and sent it early.

  4. Lax, I checked and dbl checked, but didn't get that email. Did you send it via GW? Try the email for the blog...It's under the "About Me" section.


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