Monday, December 13, 2010

Remodeling In-laws' Kitchen, Part 1: The Before

Hubby and his brothers (plus the 4 wives) have been cleaning out their parents' house and considering how to prepare it for sale.  
The realtor had suggestions for most of the house, but threw up her hands at the kitchen, believing it might be too big a job or too expensive to redo the tiny kitchen with its 1979 dark oak, almond laminate, and original appliances.  But Hubby and I thought that amongst the new paint, flooring, light fixtures, and hardware throughout the rest of the home, the old, dark kitchen would stick out like a sore thumb, and disappoint potential buyers, so we worked up some ideas, which the family approved. (More on that in Part 2.)
Prince Stoic and Hubby got in a bit of a hurry and started demo before taking thorough 'before' pics I requested (the sink wall and over-peninsula uppers were already down), but here are the 'before' layout and renderings done with Chief Architect software, and some of the 'almost before' photos:

The almost-blank slate:

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