Monday, December 20, 2010

In-Laws' Kitchen, Part 3: The Final Plan

Hubby starts cutting parts for the cabinets today, so I'm sure he's hoping I'll have no more changes!
Thanks to my friends and our discussion on the Gardenweb Kitchen Forum, the microwave has been moved to what I think will be a much better location.  It won't open into the dining room doorway and won't use valuable cabinet space next to the stove...but it's still close-by and easy to use.  It will be over a less crucial counter space that is a great size to use as a landing space.  So the deeper cabinet necessary for the microwave doesn't protrude and make it difficult to access the upper corner cabinet, I planned to bump out that corner cabinet making its front flush with the microwave cabinet (as the plan shows).  Hubby says he'll just build it deeper on that side...The advantage of having my own custom cabinetmaker!

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  1. Looks great! I like the new placement of the MW. Can't wait to see the cabs once your DH starts building them.

  2. does your husband work fulltime as a cabinet maker or is he just skilled like that?

  3. Thanks, Laxsupermom. He has the base cab pieces cut so far, and ready to assemble by the weekend, he says. Of course, the room will not be ready for them!

    Devadeva, my husband is a teacher, but, thankfully, what he teaches are home construction and cabinetmaking skills.


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