Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank-you Note Week

We aren't officially homeschooling right now, but the kids do have a writing assignment for the week...Writing thank yous for the Christmas gifts given by grandparents, and aunts and uncles.  The style of the thank you depends on the age and ability...Younger ones might draw a picture and copy "Thank you," then sign their names.  Older ones are expected to write a couple paragraphs telling how they'll use the gift or what is particularly special about it, and then add a little more about how nice it was to visit, share something else about their lives, or ask about goings-on in the recipient's life.
When my siblings and I were kids, we were expected to write thank you notes to anyone from whom we'd received a gift by mail or other means....A case in which the giver was not there in person to receive a verbal expression of appreciation.  In fact, we were required to write the note before using the gift.  That ensured we got to the task promptly, and I remember writing notes on quiet Christmas afternoons.
I haven't made our kids stick to that rule, but just make sure the notes are written within a few days.  --And, we write even if the people/person had been present for a quick thanks at the time.  I've seen during my life how my parents feel about receiving a thank you -or not receiving one- so I think it's nice to take the extra step, going into a little more detail and thought in writing.  In this world today, too many polite social gestures are being forgotten, so I hope our children will always recognize the care and effort people put forth by taking their own time to show appreciation...and I hope I receive thank-you notes from my grandchildren, too.  No one was ever hurt by being thanked too much or too nicely!  And it's always a day brightener to get something positive and personal in the 'real' mail.


  1. Hi Elaine, so nice to see your blog! I do agree about teaching children to say thank you -- definitely! And kids can do drawings that people save forever -- both of these are so great. Glad you stopped by and I want to wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2011! xoxo Jane

  2. I've stopped by your blog many times, but just enjoyed and hadn't thought to comment...I'm just learning blog etiquette. ;-) I'm glad you came by mine!

    Thank you notes are only part of my 'soap box' about the loss of simple niceties and manners that used to be such a part of everyday life. What's fun about the notes and cards the kids do is that my parents can now figure out who each is from (before reading) by seeing the style of the design on the front.


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