Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twosome Tuesday: Wedding Venues

Gone, apparently, are the days of weddings in churches, followed by cake and lemonade receptions in the multi-purpose hall.  Our church's sanctuary and multi-purpose hall are the same space, anyway, and I have to say, not one of the most attractive or elegant rooms I've seen.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
In our journey for just the right environments ...to suit budget as well as the visions of the brides and grooms... we researched privately owned properties, caterers' specialty venues, golf and country clubs, government buildings, museums and galleries, state, county, and city parks, and college campuses.  If there is a largish room in a building, someone is likely willing to rent it.                                                                                                                                                    
Now both venues are settled, meaning both dates are chosen also.  I think that's a big hurdle, and the rest will be a tad easier.  Although, no time to waste with a 3-month timeline.  

#1:  Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast will be married in the latter half of July at a contemporary, fairly new and gorgeous building in a city park.  It offers plenty of room for their 250 - 300 guest, night-time reception, and allows us to bring in whatever food from wherever we'd like.                                                                                                                                     

It also has a nice patio area for the smaller private ceremony we'll have earlier in the evening, with park views and floral hanging baskets as no-cost decorations.  The rental includes tables and chairs, a sound system, screen for a slideshow, and a bridal party dressing room.                                     
Cost: $850 for 4 hours, plus $50/hour for set-up and clean-up.
#2:  Princess Bossy and her Prince Helium have chosen a state park for their festivities.  The approximately 60 guests will join them for an outdoor wedding overlooking Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains, and reception inside a log building (built by the WPA in 1936) with hardwood floors and beamed ceilings sparkling with tiny twinkle lights.  
Here, too, the views and building's detail and character mean little cost in added decor. This venue also has tables and chairs on site, the use of which will add slightly to the very reasonable rental fee.                                                                                               
Cost: $317 for the day

Each of these venues will set up tables and chairs.  With limited staffing provided, we will be required to wipe down the tables and chairs, stack chairs, and clean up any spills on the
floors.  We will have to bag the trash and deposit it in on-site dumpsters.  If we use the kitchen in the city park building, the floor has to be mopped, and the counters, etc. must be left absolutely clean.                                                                                                                                                                
I am not thrilled at the thought of taking on these tasks after full days of wedding, with the physical, mental, and emotional demands...and in my dress and heels.  We have asked the teachers and classmates in Princess Artsiste's Sunday school class if some of them might like to help serve and keep after-event clean-up to a minimum by spiffing up as we go during the receptions.  This will make things easier on the family and give the girls a chance to raise money for their summer youth group trip, while still keeping us well under the cost of a fully staffed event at a private facility.  Win-win.
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