Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Happens...

I know I have been a bit lax in my blog posting lately.  I had one all planned for today, but a math-doer and  and a job-hunter beat me to the computer chair...And really, blog posting can't really override those things!  Then it was off to the doctor's office to get another prescription for Prince Go-for-it's rebounding sinus infection.                 

Of course, I should be better prepared than that, but it's a wild time around here, and it was a particularly busy weekend.  Saturday, a carload of us went to a big city mall in search of bridesmaid and other wedding wear.  It was a pretty productive trip, as Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast also found and purchased his wedding band, as well as his full wedding ensemble.  But by the time we left, traffic was heavy, 
particularly since main roads to and from the highway were closed, due to construction.  We were also already late to our niece's graduation party.  The rest of the afternoon and into the evening was spent celebrating with her and others of Hubby's family.                                                                                                      
Sunday Hubby worked away at his parents' house on the remodel, while I nursed my cold at home.  He ran to the hardware store for longer screws to install drawer pulls when he unhappily discovered he was sans wallet.                                                                                                                                
Monday morning he searched around the house with no luck, reaching down into furniture cushions, turning couches upside down, etc.  He had a list of things he wanted to accomplish at his parents' home, and was frustrated to be without his driver's license.  We finally set out to retrace the steps of his weekend, since he last remembered using his wallet on Friday.  We drove to his office, to the auto parts store, and made the 45-minute drive to his brother's house, including the walk down the hill to the beach (then back up...pant-pant) to hunt through the cracks and crevices of boulders where he'd thrown his jacket on Saturday.   At that point I called home and offered $5 or a hamburger and fries 
The Wallet-hiding chair
meal at the local A&W for any kid who located the wallet at home.  We were halfway to his parents' to go through that house when Princess Eager called to report her finding.  The wallet was just under/behind the chair... In our bedroom!                                                                        
Ah, well.  We were just happy we didn't have to cancel credit cards and replace his license.  We continued to his parents' home where he installed a couple of pulls while I chose paint colors for the garage  and front doors.                                                                                                                        
Now back to my regular-scheduled blogging, or there won't be a Twosome Tuesday post for tomorrow!
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