Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plant a Garden, Feed a Slug

The terrific sign that Princess Sassy's future father-in-law gave me says something a little different, but feeding slugs is probably most of what I do here.  At least the bunnies respect my fencing.                                                                                                                                          

My 'Insta-Garden' isn't quite thriving.   Some of the plants look like they'll make it, but there are also quite a few looking poorly.  Most are things I doubted would produce for me here in our mild climate, anyway, like watermelon and cantaloupe.   It was worth a shot...Just in case?

Since my pantry seems to have been the perfect place to sprout some good seed potatoes, I set out on this sunny day to augment my garden with yellow potatoes.                                                                                                                            

Garden books caution that only organic, disease-free, seed potatoes should be used.  Found in the produce section of our local grocery store, these definitely weren't marketed as seed potatoes, but my best and most prolific potato plants sprouted from accidental plantings via the compost pile that was spread in the garden before it was thoroughly composted.  These are at least organic...and pretty healthy looking.  I don't suppose the fact that they are #1's helps their productive qualities.  So rules-schmules, I put these in the ground.

I also just received some cute, little, baby basil starts, so planted them about the garden.  Hopefully, they'll enjoy this week's sun and get a good start.  I have made the mistake of not harvesting basil often enough in the past, so I aim to do better this year, and hope to be making a lot of pesto.

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