Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anyone Else?

This morning the dogs got me up.  They're not patient at all, so I slipped a comfy sweater over my nightgown, and ran downstairs.

After tending to the dogs, I started into my day... added photos to today's blog post, did the dishes left from last night's birthday dinner...  It was a little gray outside, and an uncharacteristically quiet and peaceful day around our house.  People were in and out, but mostly out.  Only the younger 2 were home in the afternoon, but played quietly or napped, after getting up early for Vacation Bible School... Princess Eager as an assistant group leader, and Prince CuddleBunny as a participant.  

With the house so quiet, it was a great opportunity to sit at the computer to get a bit ahead on the blog, while I also worked a bit in the kitchen...  A nice, leisurely pace and day.  I actually had time to think about only one or two things at a time!

I moved from blogging and yogurt-making to starting crust for dinner quiches when I realized it was 5 PM, and I was still in the nightgown!  In my defense, it's a cotton knit, full-length gown that Princess Sassy bought, mistaking it for a maxi dress... So it's just casual and comfy, but doesn't look too bad.... ?

Princess Sassy is appalled.  But it's not like I ran to WalMart in it.  -Mostly just blogged away, and the only time I even went outside was to answer questions for the man from the truss company, whose visit I hadn't expected.  (Hopefully, he assumed it was a dress!)  I really don't think he cared a bit about what I was wearing, as long as he was able to accomplish his calculations.  And I did shower and dress before dinner. 

Knowing Stacy and Clinton would never okay nightgowns as daytime replacement for a comfy summer dress, the princess has threatened to turn me in to "What Not to Wear," one of our favorite sinful pleasures whenever we get the chance to watch cable TV.  She pointed out that it's not the first time I'm still barefoot and in some sort of pajamas by the time people are returning from work and school.  So, if she wants to threaten me with a televised, $5000 shopping spree and makeover with someone cutting my hair who's not me?  Bring.  It.  On!  ;-)

When Hubby got home, he asked how my day was.  I just held out my hands, showing him I was still in my nightgown and cozy sweater.  He said, "It was good, then, huh?"  He knew.  Sometimes I never make it out of pajama pants because the day was too hectic.  Not today.  Ahhhhh.

I can't be the only one who occasionally blogs all day in pajamas... Anyone else want to 'fess up?
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