Sunday, July 8, 2012

Workday Saturday

Hubby thought we might have a couple friends over to lend a hand, but it was just our crew.

Today's job was to get the 2nd floor subfloor material glued and screwed into place. Even I helped heft some sheeting up to the staging spot until Prince Inventive finished his breakfast.  Then he and Prince Steadfast were a good, 2-person team, with an occasional hand from Prince CuddleBunny or me.  


Hubby tried to get in on some of the action, until I was able to order him to his supervisor's observation spot.

Meanwhile, the princesses prepared lunch for the hungry and hot work crew.  

Since the sun was right overhead, there was a bit of a break at this point.  The computer told me it was perfectly comfortable 72 degrees in our area, but on the second floor, with the heavy work and the reflection off the subfloor sheeting, it felt hot.

See how the 4x8 sheets are end-up on that little staging spot so the guys
can grab them from up top?  That's what I was helping Prince Steadfast
do in the morning.  They're heavy & awkward.   When one got away from me,
the corner dug in and scraped down my front, opening skin through my shirt
... Youch.

With Prince Go-for-It now home from his friend's house, and Prince Stoic's arrival from the Big City, things really got 'rockin' and rollin',' as Hubby says, with all 4 princes hard at it for the latter afternoon and into early evening.

A satisfying day of work, with goal set, and goal accomplished.  

Prince CuddleBunny says the main floor feels like a 'real garage' now, and parked his bike there for the night.  :-)

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