Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting after the Messy Baking Center

Not sure this will last, but it's a start.  I began my baking center organization by emptying the entire shelf and wiping down with a damp cloth.  This included the inside of the doors and underside of the cabinet that, at some moment, were splattered with batter and never cleaned.  So vigorous wiping and some scraping were involved.  

            I also discovered a potential hazard...The peg holding the heavy shelf of flour and sugars is giving way under the weight.  I'll have to get Hubby on a solution for that.                                                                                                                                               

I sorted the contents into sections, beginning with the spices we use primarily for baking, taller in the back and other lined up so the names were obvious.  I moved on to the 3 biggies, baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla.  I situated them by the spices and the tapioca box joined them.                                                                                                                                              
A basket corralled the real trouble-makers of this situation, the tippy bottles of flavorings and food coloring.  Finding only one medium-sized basket, I put the flavored extracts at one end, the coloring at the other, with the toothpick box wedged in between to keep everyone standing upright.  Birthday candles were gathered, bagged, and moved to the island, where I plan to keep cake-decorating supplies.  Cupcake papers, sprinkles, cocoa and baker's chocolate were arranged in the remaining space.                                                                                                                        
That left me with some recipes that needed to return to their proper locations, several empty bottles and boxes, and other various and sundry garbage to dispose of.                                                                          

I'd feel better if there were physical boundaries to delineate the locations of each section I've created, which would assure a stronger likelihood that they'll remain in neat order...But we'll give this a shot and see how it works.  For now, it's much better.

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  1. Looks great! I always wonder where the stuck on batter comes from, because I swear I clean up after each baking session.

    I tried your 1000 island dressing, btw, and DH declared it better than store bought.

  2. And that stuff dries on HARD!! I needed to chip some of it off.

    I'm so glad the Thousand Island was a hit!

  3. OK, duh... I commented on your previous post before I had read this one. Looks like you're on your way. Great minds think alike ... I am addicted to baskets. Any time I'm on any retail site that has a category "Storage", that's the first thing I click on. Not that I purchase, but it's fun to look and drool. I need help...

  4. Thanks, Breezy. It's not quite what I'd hoped, but we'll see...

    JsweeNC, one of my favorite stores in Seattle is Storables. My kids don't get it... The yearning of the at-least-slightly-disorganized to get organized?

  5. Especially if they revel in the slight disorganization (which I don't get)... like my creative daughter does. I love Storables.. I think I ordered a bunch from them when my kitchen was finished!


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