Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meal Planning

Another thing we strayed from during 'Christmas break' is our weekly meal schedule.  I used to do monthly meal plans, so I could buy needed ingredients, thaw things ahead, etc.  I found a certain meal didn't suit me that day, or not check in time to get things done, etc.  Some months I wouldn't get around to doing the schedule at all.

I began to notice that without a written schedule we were eating similar things on certain days every week, and my family liked knowing what to expect.  So I came up with this 'guideline schedule', which has flexibility built in so that I am still somewhat free to make decisions to suit the meal to available foods and time, and my own or the family's whims of the day (within reason).  You may notice the connection with my blog title!

  • Monday:  Soup - can include stews, chowders, chili

  • Tuesday:  Salad - any main dish salad, such as Taco Salad, Chicken Caesar, Greek with Beef, Antipasto/Pasta

  • Wednesday:  Fun - can be anything from breakfast-for-dinner to family favorites we haven't had in awhile, like meatloaf, lasagna, clam spaghetti, or potatoes-sausage-sauerkraut dinner

  • Thursday:  Mexican - Usually it's Mexican Chicken Slop (still to be explained later), or anything with a Mexican foods flavor, like enchiladas, tacos, etc.

  • Friday:  Pizza - Always home made, but we vary the sauces and toppings

  • Saturday:  Nachos, Sandwiches, or Chili

  • Sunday:  Wild Card - I've never decided on a particular thing for Sunday, but it often seemed to end up with Roast chicken or Stir-Fry, and in the summer it's most often when we barbecue


  1. I laughed at "Mexican Chicken Slop" . It goes well with "Tuna Barf", my pet name for tuna noodle casserole.

  2. Prince Stoic came up with that lovely term...Since I know it to be one of his favorite dishes, so not a derogatory statement about the meal I serve, I let it ride. :-)


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