Friday, January 28, 2011

Pencil-Eating House?

I've heard about dryers eating socks.  I don't worry about that, because I know where all our socks go.  Rosie, our Lab, carries them around like retrieved birds, or maybe like the puppies she'll never have.  I don't know her exact reasoning, but it means that she scoops socks as she goes, like that Lego Block-O-Dile that rolls over and gobbles up the foot-stabbing little blocks, and many end up forgotten outside.  We have the only yard I know decorated in stray socks.  I'm so proud...                                                                                                                        
ANYway...Whereas I can trace our sock problems, I don't know what happens to writing instruments around here.  (Ponytail bands and barrettes, too, but that's a bit off today's topic.)  I keep thinking I will come across some dark corner, drawer, or other hidden void in the house, where there are piles of them.  I have bought hundreds of pens and pencils through the years, but when I need one, find only broken crayons, the lightest of the colored pencils, or the maimed, haggard pencils with no eraser and badly broken points...The kind that if you dare to sharpen, the lead just breaks and falls out, again and again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
So for my umpteenth attempt at keeping track of such things, I have come up with a possible solution.  Not only should it help each child keep track of their own pens and pencils, thereby protecting my stash from misappropriation by others, but it will utilize materials we already have on hand and will also give my kids, who seem to be low on project ideas, a constructive task.  It's not an original concept, but making our own is a new slant.  It will give my non-sewers and new skill, and the sewers a chance for further practice.                                                                                                                                     
The start....
2 sheets of Legal-size paper taped together to create the
12" x 14" pattern piece for our
Notebook Tool Pouches
I'll share the project directions and our results soon.


  1. We have a devil of a time with lost pencils, too. The absolute worst is when you reach into the drawer and grab one dead pen after another. Who puts the dead pens back in the drawer instead of tossing them? Can't wait to see your solution.

  2. Best of luck with the pencil project!

    Love your sock-totting dog. Bill's family had a golden when we were dating who would stuff anything left lying around by family or guests in her mouth. Sometimes to the point of impairing her breathing. Socks and underwear were favorites. Embarrassing! Glad I never stayed over night until we were married.

  3. Rosie has sometimes grabbed underwear, too, but thankfully, for the embarrassment factor, mostly sticks to socks! There are plenty readily available to her...

    Lax, It would mean walking ALL the way to the trash to throw out the dead pen... So much easier to drop it back in the drawer and grab another!


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