Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stove Bling!

(Does anyone still use that word?)
Anyway, my rangetop got its new jewel late Friday.


My new Vollrath Tribute 16-quart Stock Pot (from is beautiful inside and out, and I'm looking forward to cooking in it.  I am prepared with chickens for stock, and planning a big batch of soup for Monday Soup Night.


  1. oooooo, pretty! It has nice big handles.

  2. Thanks...I was impressed with the handles, too. I bet they'll get hot, though.

  3. That is shiny-pretty. Please do let us know how the handle on the lid works out - I've never seen one like that.

  4. I"m actually curious about the whole lid. I'm used to one that nests in or fits into a groove on the top of a pot, not just sits across the top. And it's so thin compared to the top. I'm afraid I could bend it, so that it won't fit down level any more. I just started a pot of stock, so we'll see how it all works.


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