Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Garage Situation...Before

The Dream...

Monday Hubby submitted our plans for the attached garage with space above.  He also submitted a list of materials to the lumber yard for a cost estimate.  So we are presently at the mercy of others in our impatience to get started and, meanwhile, must find other ways to organize, and possibly reduce, the too-ample contents of the existing house space.  

It's no thing of beauty.  The kids & I started to paint it the
house colors, but we ran out of paint and DH declared it
not worth the work or expense.
When we bought this property, besides the 30+ year old single wide mobile we lived in while we built, there was a fairly large carport/shop building.  It has 3 enclosed rooms, the 2, open parking spots, and other partially enclosed spaces around its perimeter.  Hubby has always hated it, and dreamed of tearing it down to replace it with something spacious and 'properly built.'  It's a little rustic in its construction and without power since the house went in, but it's served us fairly well, so I often nixed plans to destroy it.  

We call this the 'Pantry Room.'  It held the freezer and kitchen
extras during the build... Now, Christmas decorations, picnic
gear, and odd things for the kids, like snow tires and tile projects.
It offered cover and protection while I hand-finished the interior doors for our house.  While we lived in the trailer, it held an extra fridge and freezer, and kitchen tools and homeschool materials that wouldn't fit inside.  It's even taken a lot of pressure off the new house, and gave the princes a place to store tools and work on a disabled pickup truck.  

The tool room with evidence of efforts toward organization.
We will need to take down part of the open carport to fit the new garage, but hope to save the enclosed rooms for additional storage...We can never have too much!  I also hope we'll be able to spruce it up a bit with trim and complete the paint job to match the house.
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