Sunday, July 24, 2011

I still don't like the paint: In-laws' Remodel

I know that you probably can't believe I'm posting something that is not wedding related! --A temporary reprieve.  ;-)

The carpet was the last to go in.  The cabinets, counters, tile, plumbing fixtures, hardware, lighting, other flooring...all in.  It all needs a thorough cleaning, then a "For Sale" sign.  

I first complained about the paint in I Could Just Cry... I lamented the paint choice, being nudged more than slightly by brothers-in-law who feared my choice would be too dark, I gave in and went lighter.  I hoped that when the carpet and lighter cabinets went in, the shade of the paint would come through and not look like "Builder's White."  Nope.  The walls now look the same color as the cabinets, which they aren't.  It still makes me want to cry, because the impact and impression I wanted is just not there.  The joys of decisions made via committee.  

Some reminders of where we started.                                                                                                                     

The uppers over the peninsula were already removed here.
And you can't see the dropped 7 ft.
Original kitchen layout
Master Bath...A little past 'Before'

Anyway, the place, as I said, is far from clean, and some of these won't be much different than the last ones I shared, but here are the 'after' photos of the remodel... kitchen, living, and master bath:

New kitchen layout


Dining to Living

Through Living into Entry

Entry toward living and dining.
The carpet is NOT pinkish.  It really blends
well with the stone

Kitchen to family room...Still missing the railing along
the wood floor edge

And I believe you've already met the
Master Bath  ;-)

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