Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girls' Paint Date

As Princess Bossy and Prince Helium's visiting days dwindled, we females decided to have a Mother-Daughters Date.  We also decided to replicate the girls' date they had before Princess Bossy's wedding, and spend our time at a local ceramics painting studio/coffee shop.  

My mug and one of those "looks"
for which Princess Bossy is famous  ;-)

We saved the coffee and smoothies for after, and for most of the time, concentrated on our projects and fun conversation.

Princess Bossy's project was for Little Hootie's future nursery

Princess Eager made her own mug and Princess
Sassy painted one for her hubby

A woman brought her kids over to observe Princess Artiste, and see her very creative and ambitious project.  Well-deserved recognition.

Today I was able to retrieve our fired projects and see what our efforts had wrought.  -- A variety of loveliness, I think, that almost matches the love and fun they represent.

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