Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oven, Oven, Who's Got the Oven... I Need?

If 3 Wolfs and 2 Fisher & Paykels can't seem to stand up to our baking frequency and use, and a GE Monogram can't bake consistently, then is there an oven in existence that can do both for me?

A lot of people suggested trying a commercial oven, or commercial pizza oven.  Both of those things are made for restaurants, and presumably, for heavy use and the full range of temperatures.  It seemed like a reasonable option and great suggestion, so I started some research. Unfortunately, after checking into it, there are big downsides to any restaurant oven for home use.

The size (all deeper than 24"), lack of heat protection, and clearances would mean major rearrangement of cabinetry in the kitchen.

Commercial appliance dealers are hesitant to deal with homeowners, delivery is curbside, warranties for home use are absolutely not possible, and service may be difficult.  Plus, every pizza oven I looked up, if I was able to find reviews at all, were not that great.  

Lack of positive reviews, no warranty, and no service?  Sounds like a possible nightmare, in addition to imagining that my kitchen may get to about 160 degrees.

So... Next?

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