Wednesday, January 30, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I have neglected to show you the project Princess Sassy (with Prince CuddleBunny's help) did the day after having a positive pregnancy test...when things are SO exciting, but it's SO LOOOOONG to wait.  You may have noticed the extra decoration across the room in previous posts of Christmas, etc...

The paper-chain countdown to Baby:


And speaking of the princess and, lately and often, of ovens, the bun in her oven is growing!  :-D

I told her she might want a nicer background next time!

You can see by the date on the photo (Jan 26), that she's nearing 17 weeks.  That means the 20-week ultrasound is 3 weeks away... And Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast are almost counting the minutes until she can see who's in there and what gender he or she is!  Then naming and sewing can begin in earnest.  :-)

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