Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hubby is my Enabler

One of the first checks for my most recent Bucket List is beginning to form, thanks to my Christmas gift from Hubby.  He gave me a bike and helmet for Christmas!  

The one presented that day was a "placeholder," until I could get into the store to explain what kind of riding I intended, and so the bike could be fit to me.  I did that this weekend.  It was an extra treat, because the owner of the bike shop I patronize is a very good friend from high school, and it's always fun to catch up and, in the case of bikes, pick the brain of someone whose expertise I trust.  

So now I can embark on my bike riding adventures!  With Prince CuddleBunny at my side on his own bike, I took my first jaunt around our neighborhood this morning.

My Canondale, 24-speed 'hybrid.'  Mostly road bike,
but ok on paths and gravel when necessary.
It's my first bike since I gave up on my too-big,
chain-always-fell-off, high school 10-speed 30 yrs ago.

After that frigid maiden voyage, I may soon be investing in some of those padded bicycling pants, and some insulated, windproof clothing!

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