Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Little Dents in the Road

I thought I was going to introduce you to my new oven today.  But things being... things, at least for me in terms of ovens, they didn't run smoothly.

As they were unwrapping my new beauty in the truck, I noticed dented/crunched areas around the bottom of the oven.  I grabbed my camera to document the problems before it was moved at all or unloaded.  The delivery guys were glad to let me do that, so it was obvious they hadn't done that while moving it into the house.

It was my appliance salesman's day off, so I wasn't sure what to do.  I didn't feel comfortable going ahead with installation, since the manual states clearly that it shouldn't be installed if there is any visible damage.  So I started emailing photos to the store and distributor for input about the seriousness of the damage, and, of course, the issue was documented on the delivery forms.  

I had a phone call from store management by evening, but it was only to let me know they were working on my situation, since it was too late to get input from those who would make decisions.  Today my salesman was back in the store, and he was able to talk to all involved. They believe the area involved is not crucial in the performance of the oven.  

They offered to come to retrieve it, and try to straighten the dents and plug it in at the store. They also OK'd our trying to straighten the metal in order to fit it into the cabinet.  It seems like the more moving around it goes through, the more likely negative things might happen to it.  So Hubby, with help from strong princes in moving the heavy appliance, will carefully try to straighten the areas, as needed.  There was mention of some compensation for our troubles, but I don't know what that will be yet.

Meanwhile, the mostly lovely, but rather large beast occupies the aisle in between the oven cabinet and the island.  I have a new appreciation for the, usually, nicely functional traffic flow of our kitchen!

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