Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bake-Off! And, mostly, a kitchen full of fun

We had 4 of the kids' friends join us for Pizza Night this past Friday...all 17 and 18 year old boys.  Some might find it surprising that after the pizza feed, as their evening's activity they decided on a 'Bake-Off.'  

There were up to 10 kids, plus the 2 of us adults, in the kitchen at a time....some working, some kibitzing, and some just goofing around or cheering on the teams. 

One team worked on Strawberry Lemon Bars while the other worked on Coffee Cake.   
Room for everyone and lots of laughing and fun.  It's just what we wanted when we designed our kitchen and made it the largest room in the house.


  1. It's so nice that your kitchen is working out just like you planned. Love seeing the pics of everyone enjoying that wonderful kitchen of yours. Was this the big post wrestling season splurge? I'm sure your house of baked goodness is where every wrestler wants to be for the first hurrah.

    Both treats look fantastic! Can't wait to see the recipes. The big question of course is - Who cleaned up? If I had 4 of WD's friends over baking and they had powdered sugar at their disposal, I can only imagine what my kitchen would have looked like afterwards.

  2. It was nice to have the wrestlers over and eating again. ;-) They all were citing their lists of places they'd been waiting to eat.

    They cleaned up a little that night and Princess Sassy cleaned up more yesterday morning. It wasn't too bad. There were 2 counter areas, fairly well dusted with powdered sugar, though!

  3. How fun! Did the wrestlers leave any leftovers? :-)

  4. There were only a few bites of leftovers, but I can't blame all the eating on the wrestlers, since my kids certainly helped!

  5. Great fun! I love cooking with kids and their friends. Those big kids must eat a lot!

  6. Actually, they sometimes try to be too polite and don't eat as much as my younger kids!


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