Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm rich!

Or at least that's how I always feel when the 'larders' are full.  

I picked up my first order from Azure Standard Wednesday morning...Right out of the truck at 7 AM.  I'm not used to being out and about that early!  Prince CuddleBunny and Princess Eager got up especially to come along.                                                                             
Not everything I ordered came this time, but thankfully, the things I needed most were delivered.  I was a little disappointed to have to wait longer for oats and corn.  We ran completely out of oats Tuesday, but since my oat roller is acting up and I may need a new one, 25 pounds of groats I can't roll wouldn't have done me much good anyway.

I now have some pantry re-organization to do. The pet food will finally fine a home elsewhere, as I make room for more grains like the still-coming corn, and the soft wheat, which I am looking forward to trying for muffins, cookies, and waffles.

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