Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I always seem to forget...

...that if you break a job down, just little bits of time can accomplish a lot.  

I've been meaning to clean up my garden boxes since the end of harvest time.  But it was always too wet, too cold, or I didn't think I had enough time. 

Tuesday I was determined to get out in the sunshine and work, even when I saw the light dwindling.  

It's always good to have a helper!

It seemed like such a big job, and there is plenty of work remaining, but I was surprised at what I could accomplish in just about an hour.  

Not only that, sometimes with effort there are unexpected rewards!

Buried Treasure...

...Carrots and Blue Fingerling Potatoes
washed by Prince CuddleBunny


  1. Your helper is adorable! I love that he's wearing a bike helmet, helping out in the garden. What a fun surprise to have an extra harvest while cultivating. The carrots and potatoes look terrific!

  2. The helmet was because he actually went out to bike ride while I worked, but wheel-barrowing got his attention. He cleaned it out and brought it to me, and was sure to let me know he'd drive it away when needed. ;-) Then he begged to be allowed to wash the veggies. That was nice. And a new use for my big pot!


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