Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Home Version of a Sub Sandwich Bar

On a visit to Bargreen-Ellingson, our nearest restaurant supply store, during the time we built our house, the kids fell in love with a sandwich prep table they had on display.  
I have to admit that if we weren't as far into the build as we were, I may have tried to fit space for one into the kitchen.  What a wonderful way to encourage generous and easy use of plenty of nutritious veggies. 
It got me thinking, and I pondered alternative that might work the same way for us.                                                                                                                                            
I couldn't find what I needed in the kitchen storage sections of chain retail stores, so I returned to Bargreens to try to put together our own system.  

I bought one large container and its coordinating lid, and several smaller to fit in.  
Having 2 layers meant I needed containers that would stack.                                                              

These polycarbonate food storage pans nest/fit one inside the other a bit, but still leave room in the lower containers (which are deeper than their upper counterparts) for the prepped food. (Similar pans also available through Amazon.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I was able to adjust the refrigerator shelves so our 'sandwich bar' fits snuggly into one spot and works like an extra drawer, although it comes out easily to be used at the island.

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  1. Love this idea! When we do taco nights with WD's friends, we'll put out a bar of toppings. Great idea to do it for sandwiches, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rhome, very cleaver. Isn't it frustrating to find something 'perfect' after the kitchen is finished? Fabulous idea for your big family. The neatly prepared vegetables are so colorful and pretty! DH would not make his own sandwich with everything laid out on the table.

  3. LOL, Cotehele, your dh sounds like my dad. Hubby gets too hungry, and knows that once in awhile he had better manage for himself. :-) He's actually the one who likes this set-up the most and will even refill it for me when it's getting empty.

  4. oh my goodness, this is genius!!! Oh man, if only we had a bigger fridge I would TOTALLY be doing this! For now, I'm filing away your idea for future reference ;) thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Shauna, another idea for a smaller fridge...Smaller containers or even ZipLoc bags just put in the produce drawer of the fridge. To tell the truth I sometimes wonder if the bags would work better so people can just grab what they really want, and no one has to figure out the puzzle of getting it all back together right! ;-)


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