Monday, February 7, 2011

Our SuperBowl Party

Hubby was on his annual SuperBowl Fishing Trip with 2 great friends from junior high and high school.  Princess Bossy is, of course, in a land far, far away, and Prince Stoic stayed in the Big City.  Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast were here part of the time, then joined Prince Inventive, Princess Artiste, and Prince Go-for-It at the church youth party.  So, mostly, it was Princess Eager, Prince CuddleBunny, and me to watch the big game.  But even a party of 3 needs good munchies!  Princess Eager had a big part in selecting the menu.  
Chicken Drumsticks, roasted, and basted during the last half of
cooking with
Johnny's Jamaica Me Sweet Hot & Crazy sauce

Doritos: new Pizza Supreme flavor

Multigrain crackers with a spread of
Neufchatel Cheese and Crushed Pineapple

A family favorite combo:
Barbecue Potato Chips with Cottage Cheese for dipping
Yay, Packers!  :-)

I joined the link-up party at Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing: Let's get it started AGAIN, let's get it started again...... Fun stuff! And great new blogs to check out.


  1. Doritos are a staple over here, too. The cream cheese and pineapple spread sounds so tasty. Definitely going to try it. I'll have to look for the hot sauce, too. My boys love hot sauce. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to say we don't eat a lot of Doritos. When we use chips, they're the organic, plain kind and we add our own goodies. But these caught Princess E's eye and they were pretty good!
    The hot sauce on the chicken definitely gets 2 thumbs up.
    We came up with the pineapple spread because I remember a jarred pineapple-Neufchatel spread I loved as a kid...In those jars you could use for juice glasses when it was empty. Anyway, our homemade version needed smaller pieces of pineapple. This particular brand of 'crushed' was more like little cubes. The pineapple needs to be distributed through the cheese for better flavor.

  3. I have never thought of using cottage cheese as a dip. Great idea! I found you on Debbiedo's.


  4. Now that is different! Please link my party to your post indicating you are joining in...also I ask that you become a friend of mine as well...thank you...I will be deleting posts that do not follow the guidelines, and I really don't want to do that...have fun! XO

  5. Welcome, Melanie! I will definitely be checking out your blog, too. Thanks very much for coming by. (We also sometimes flavor the cottage cheese with garlic and/or onion for dips, but not with BBQ chips, which have enough flavor of their own.)

    Debbie, I sent you an email, because I thought I'd done everything... I created a link from your blog, which made a whole new post on my blog page...Is this incorrect? Thanks.

  6. Your Super Bowl spread looks yummy! How nice at 50 you still have little ones who like to snuggle. I'm your linky neighbor at the Newbie party. I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll come by Cottage and Creek and follow me too.
    ~ Lynn

  7. Hi, Lynn! I am very grateful for the snuggling and try to appreciate it as I know soon he'll figure out he's 'too old.' Nice to meet you and I'll go right over and check out your blog. I love the title!


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