Sunday, April 17, 2011

Entry Closet Organization Update

Still working away at the contents I withdrew from the entry closet, shown in Spring Cleaning?  Working at a pace that was slow, but not steady, I still had this in my living room as of last Thursday.                                          

Decidedly done looking at the mess, I headed to our local one-stop-shopping center to find 10 boxes in which to organize mementos.  I got out the trusty label maker to designate one for each child, one for the family, and one for things of Hubby's and mine from our pre-marriage, even pre-each-other years.  

After a couple days of sorting, we have regained our living room seating. 

The task is not quite finished, as these are the photos sorted out of the mess that still need to be put in pages and notebooks.  I ordered the photo pages we need from, so hopefully, we can put in a good movie, and a group of us can get that job done soon.

Meanwhile, the mementos have to return to the entry closet for safe-keeping, but it's better than before.  They're now divided into manageable batches, and it's not fancy, but we actually have a bit of room to hang guests' coats.                                                                                                                                       



  1. Wow! Terrific Transformation! The closet looks great now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks.

    -But darn that my newer (IntenseDebate) comment thing has disappeared again for this post!


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