Friday, April 15, 2011

My Little Vesselarian Heart is Singing!

The search for another bread bowl is no longer necessary...

Our ceramics instructor friend had Hubby stop by his house on the way home, because he had some new bowls for me.  They are GORGEOUS.

Porcelain beauties with ridged sides for no dropping.  One was pulled sideways after turning, and has thumb-grips built in for easier handling.  

They are the lovely natural porcelain creamy color with a glaze of variegated soft sagey and olive greens around the top edges...with just little bits of bluish and something earthier. 

This wonderful friend also offered Hubby a spalted maple he'd had to take down...And said if the tree worked out for him to use, he wanted a loaf of bread in trade.  He's more than earned several loaves of bread just in bowls!   I aim to keep him well supplied.

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