Monday, September 12, 2011

Heat Inland... Perfect Day to Head for the Water

They promised us record-high heat on Sunday.  For some of you it would be nothing to be in the 90s, but for us, that's HOT.  Near water it's breezy and tends to be more comfortable.  We didn't go because of that, but it made it all the more appealing to visit this year's Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA.  
Chatting with the guys at
Edensaw Woods
Hubby likes to go each year as a continuing education jaunt of his own to see how he might enrich his boatbuilding program at school.  He also buys plans, talks to vendors who sell plans and build boats, and makes other connections for materials and field trip options.

This year, the newlyweds and Prince CuddleBunny went along.

Boat Parade

The harbor was full of so many kinds of boats, including the state ferry in the background.  

At first glance, this looks a little 'iffy' on seaworthiness with that separation.
It's actually made so the bow nests into the stern for more compact storage.
This was built by a family with young children, ages 9 and under

Water version of a sports car

New fad: Paddle boards

The princes are in the "Ducks"
We all decided we liked the looks of these "Wood Ducks" available as kits by Chesapeake Light Craft.  Our collective dream is to take a family kayaking vacation around the San Juan Islands.  Prince CuddleBunny is really excited about building his own.

More about this fun day's travels tomorrow.

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