Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Two (New) Sons: #1

It's been pointed out that I haven't added the princes-in-law to the My Family page yet.  To give them the proper attention, I thought I'd introduce the boys here, then add their descriptions to the other page.

They both call me "Mom," hug me and tell me they love me, which means more than I can say.  I love them both so much.  They're amazing young men, and I know I've said it before, and will undoubtedly say it again, we are SO proud to have the Princes Steadfast and Helium in our family.

From years past...
But already looking at her the way
he does now.
Prince Steadfast was officially in the family first, via this summer's Wedding #1, and we've known him longest.  He and Princess Sassy caught each other's eye during meetings of the junior high youth group at our church.  They became friends and developed their relationship over time.  The two of them looked around at their peers, and made a conscious decision not to date until they were ready to take a relationship seriously, and they really meant it...Once they started dating, they decided to marry in just a few months.  They seemed to know very early on that their relationship was meant to build a lifetime on, and worked to make sure that wasn't ruined by immaturity.  

Their friendship had close times and distant times, as they knew sometimes that staying apart and away from temptation was healthier for the long run.  Their deep devotion and feelings for each other never wavered.  He'd go out of our lives for awhile, but come back, always more sure of his ultimate intentions toward, and feelings for, Sassy each time.  
That's what earned him his princely name.  These two truly face life, side-by-side, hand-in-hand, always looking to the Lord's guidance...and with smiles that show the world how happy they are to be together.

Prince Steadfast is the baby in his family, but they've said he is one of those people who was 'born old,' always mature beyond his years.  He is moral, serious, responsible, and thoughtful. --Pretty darn cute, too, with such a look of love in his eyes whenever he looks at our daughter.  He doesn't share the characteristics, but understands and respects her more impetuous, emotional approach to life.  They balance each other well.

Reading to one of
Princess Sassy's 'sweeties',
from nannying days
His father-in-law and I are in awe of the spiritual maturity he exhibits daily through his Christian faith.  He lives what he believes.  He is dedicated at work and in his college studies toward a degree in engineering.  But he's certainly not all work and no play.  The prince has an easy-to-get-along with way about him and a fun sense of humor.  He's always ready to join siblings-in-law outside for rousing game of soccer or on the couch for a competitive video game contest. Really fitting in as a brother, he does loving things like accompanying the younger kids on a road run at their respective paces. 

Steadfast competed in wrestling during junior high and high school, finishing 3rd in state as a senior.  Now he helps coach the high school team.  
He appreciates home-made bread and granola, so obviously has good taste and a discerning palate...  ;-)   He loves rock-climbing, rafting, camping, and watching movies with his wife.  
He's already proving to be a wonderful husband and will be a tremendous dad someday.
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