Saturday, September 3, 2011

Figs, Batch #1

When I got the figs from our friend, some of you were kind in giving advice on what to do with them.  Having only about 15 left, there weren't enough for preserves, so I decided to try a Fig Tart... or Galette (free-form tart), a term I just learned.  

I've never made a tart of any kind before, only pies.  I decided to search the Web for a recipe, and settled on one that seemed like a pretty good bet, since it was called "The Best Fig Tart, Ever." (Original recipe here on

Another new experience was making Frangipane, as called for in that recipe.  A blend of toasted almonds (a particular favorite of mine, anyway), butter, sugar, and egg, it was hard to resist straight out of the food processor bowl.  

My first "Duh...What idiot would do that" advice, though, is "Don't get in a hurry to toast almonds in a preheating oven," especially when you're using already sliced nuts.  After only 4 minutes in, I had to pull them out and salvage those not yet over-browned and do another half a batch to make up.  You already know not to put food in an oven before it's preheated, but in case you're ever tempted, maybe you'll remember I already tried it.

My second piece of obvious advice is one I have tried to instill in my kids, after my mother tried to instill it in me.  It obviously didn't take hold.  "Read the recipe all the way through before starting in."  For a family the size of ours, I decided to make 2 tarts.  So I, naturally, doubled everything.  I completely missed that of the original recipe, only 1/4 of the Frangipane is used, per tart, so by doubling the ingredients, I had enough for 8 full tarts!  Ah, well.  At least it's supposed to freeze and keep well.

On the first tart, I forgot the suggestion to arrange the figs in concentric circles, and they're arranged a little randomly.  
The second one looked a little better, and, looking at it, I felt happy with my first tart attempt.

Unfortunately, though, my family is not proving to be big fig fans.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the taste of the fruit right off the tree, and mixed into my plain Greek yogurt this morning... But the baked fig in the tart seemed to have less flavor, and I wasn't impressed.   Hubby said it was "OK," and the kids tried a bit of the fig and took a pass on a serving of the dessert. 

I am sad about all of that, and might try preserves with the next batch.  I'm thinking they might be nice in Bear Claws or, perhaps, Princess Eager's DIY Pop-Tarts?   Let me know if I'm headed down a wrong path...

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