Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Not a Screamer...

...but I screamed.  We smelled something odd this morning.  I had Princess Eager clean the cat box.  Still there.  In my wandering around the sewing room, from where the smell seemed to originate, I noticed a shallow basket had been knocked off the counter and upside down.  It's contents, a little bit of fabric, a couple patterns, and some needles and pins, were all over the floor underneath.

First, I scooped my whole hand underneath, upturning the basket with as much of the contents pushed back inside with that one motion as I could.  That's when I noticed the odor was coming from the fabric.  I was a little baffled, and kept picking things up, smelling each item to sort out soiled from not.  I couldn't see any staining or wet spots, and the smell wasn't familiar.

With all of the big items sorted, and only... I thought...  a pile of pins and needles left to pick up, I turned on the overhead light.

YIKES.  That's when I saw it... A very large, very dead mouse.  And that's when the scream let loose.  I knew it wasn't alive, but I had instant flashbacks of sticking my hand, blindly, into the pile, and also of picking up fabrics and putting them right in my face to sniff them.

Lots of shuddering... and hand-washing... ensued. 

Most likely, this guy is the big-game hunter
I actually have a picture of the poor beast, but I really see no reason to burden you with that.  I have no idea why the dogs didn't find it, but I'm just as glad they didn't drag it through the house.

We've loved the warm temperatures we're finally having, and have enjoyed leaving the doors open to experience summer throughout the house.  I just didn't know, that thanks to our skillful, feline hunters, we were going to be experiencing quite so much of the outdoors... in.

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