Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twosome Tuesday: Photos from Wedding #2

In last week's Last week's Twosome Tuesday post there was a sneak peak of the Mode Weddings photos from Princess Bossy's and Prince Helium's wedding.  I didn't have the whole gallery yet then, but here are several out of the hundreds of great pics:

Micromanaging her groom's hair...
Really, he wanted it to look ''just the way she likes it.''

Old boardrooms served as dressing areas, so the groom
and his brothers had a little fun

Parade of Beauties


Both families, including grandparents

Good thing we crossed pew decorations
off the list...A narrow aisle!

Princess Sassy caught ahold of my hand during the part when
the parents were up front and the pastor talked about family  :)

Man and wife!
Did I tell you the groom and his groomsmen are quadruplets?

If you want to see more, here is the slideshow, put together by Mode superstar, Erin:  Princess Bossy + Prince Helium : Married

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Twosome Tuesday:
 the GOOD photos from Wedding #1
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