Sunday, September 11, 2011


Like so many things, it seems like yesterday, and seems like forever ago.

How I remember pics seen when I was a kid

All 7 of the kids we had then, ages 21 months to 11 1/2 years, were home with me. Prince Stoic ran out to where I was in the kitchen and said he'd heard a radio report that a plane had flown into a World Trade Center tower.  In my mind I imagined a little, private plane that had trouble, and had flown, out of the pilot's control, into the building.  Sad, but not sinister.

We turned on the TV just in time to see the 2nd airliner fly into... almost through, it seemed... the 2nd tower.  -Sad and sinister.-  I was horrified, but still not prepared for what happened next.  It still brings tears to my eyes if I try to put into words the unbelievable sight of those buildings dissolving to the ground.  I recall phoning Hubby at work and trying to express my horror and surprise.  As scary and shocking these events were for us, it must've been even moreso for you who live on the East Coast.

At that moment, I remembered reading about the building of the World Trade Center in the Weekly Reader during grade school.  The steel structures were awesome and supposed to be built to last forever.  It was devastatingly amazing to watch them disappear from the NYC skyline in seconds like that.  The people who had just come to work, the babies who had been left in the day care, the firefighters and policemen prepared for so many things, but not this... so many families who quickly said good-bye that morning, not realizing it was the last time.

Let's not forget, also, the similar tragedy for those in the plane and on site at the Pentagon.  A dear friend's brother was stationed there, and there were terrifying hours before she heard he was safe. 
 Not least in this day, we owe thanks to and prayers for the families and those on Flight 93, who gave their lives in a Pennsylvania field so that no more would suffer the tragedy of that awful plan.

Never-ending thanks to first-responders and to our military men and women, who are prepared to put themselves in danger for us every day.

 from 9/11: The 25 Most Powerful Photos
- Photo Gallery - LIFE
Prayers for everyone affected by the events of that day, and since, and prayers for the country.

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