Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

"Mom, come here... It's a blogging opportunity!"  
Prince Go-for-It yelled this from the kitchen at 10:45 PM...much to the dismay of Princess Sassy, who was already trying to sleep.

He wanted me to show you Prince Inventive's typical, nightly "bedtime snack."   He's obviously not the one trying to cut calories.  ;-)

This boy has no body fat on him, and he eats like this ALL the time...   I wish Prince Go-for-It would do some of the same.  

A double stack of French Toast, 
each layer with powdered sugar, bananas, 
and butter dripping down the sides.
Thank goodness for the whole grain bread 
and the eggs to try to counterbalance the sugar!

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