Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking for Balance

Thanks for all the support and nice comments, always, but especially on the recent series about the family, DIY approach to planning and building our home.  It was fun to go back over pictures and re-live the process as I wrote.

However, not being speedy at placing pictures and honing such long entries, it look me hours for each post.  I found that I wasn't fully present in my home during that time... The night I wrote the answer to Question 1,  Prince Inventive went off to an event at church for an hour.  It was after he'd already gone to bed when I realized I hadn't noticed his return home, and had to check with his younger sibling to be sure he'd made it back.  Yikes.

That was no good, and, additionally, I'm a bit worn from all the illnesses we've been through.  I've decided I could use a break, and will be staying away from the blog through the next week.  

I have a few goals for myself.  One is that I hope my kids don't see me on the computer for that week.  When they're around, I want to give them my attention, and let them see me tending to the family and our household, and pursuing personal interests.  Here are my specific hopes for my blog break:

  • Read 1 book

  • Complete 1 sewing project

    • Complete our income tax return

      • Start Prince CuddleBunny on a new drawing and writing book

        • Try a new program (game) for math drills I've been promising the kids 

        • Join my early-risers for breakfast each morning                                                                                                                                

        • Be in bed by 10 PM each night                                                                                                                          

        • Breathe, have some quiet time, and hopefully, not only talk to God, but listen.                                                  

        Thanks!  I'll report back here by March 5th, hopefully with something good to share about the accomplishment of those goals. 

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