Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"On Hand" Decor

This was the best my living room looked, improved by the window trim from what it had been for our almost 4 years here.                                                                                                                                                      
The room is not the avocado green it appears in the photo!

First, Princess Bossy let me know from states away that I sorely needed something on the wall above the couch.  So I added this wall quilt I had made for Hubby's parents.  I like the simple lines of it, and the colors are nice.  Right away, I decided the frame needs painting to sharpen it up, but what color?  Almost black, or dark blue/ teal?            

I also wasn't sure whether to center it over the couch or on the wall.  Princess Sassy advised centering on the wall.  I'm still not sure, and think maybe a collection of things covering more wall might be better...   I thought this was a big piece, until it was on that wall alone.

I always thought I wanted a rug, and I usually prefer solid, textured rugs

or boldly contemporary styles, like these I found on Amazon.

But the newlyweds recently rearranged their room and wanted to be rid of an old rug, and I have no money for a new one.  I decided to try it in the living room.  
It has some colors that connect with the olive-gray of the walls and the warm tones of the floor, woodwork, and furniture.  I definitely like that it makes the room less orange and introduces cream and burgundy.  

Even though it's a little too big, I also like how it gives the room a softer, more cohesive look.  But I don't think it goes with the piece I hung on the wall!  I'm also not sure it's really "me," or goes with the architectural style of the room.  On the other hand, maybe it adds some more delicate detailing that the room could use.  

Is it an improvement, and "good for now?"  Or should I take it away and try something else later?  If I keep the rug, is the wall art a "No?"  I am certainly open to feedback and suggestions.

Meanwhile, I checked out Creating the Inspired House: Discovering Your Place Called Home at the library today.  The title leads me to believe it may give me further ideas, and I'm especially encouraged by the photo on the front showing a simple house, with focus on architectural detail, like I prefer.  Yes, I judged the book by its cover!  :-)
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