Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football Bowl... But Not the Kind You Think

I know I've said it enough times....

               "Don't kick balls in the house."

                                                                       "Baseball/football/soccer is played outdoors."

                                                      "Please don't throw balls inside."

But... Crash!                                                                                                                                                                                 

Maybe you remember the the tiny bowl I keep on my kitchen windowsill.  It belonged to my Grandma H., who used to use these bowls to serve us ice cream every time we visited her and Grandpa.  It is a pretty reminder of her love and hospitality.  It holds my rings when I bake.

The football, with hundreds of cubic feet of kitchen space to fly around in, found that special little vessel and broke it into 3 pieces.

Prince CuddleBunny felt terrible.  He knew he'd done wrong, and knew the loss of the bowl would be sad for me.

He asked where the Scotch tape was.  I told him bowls weren't fixable with tape, and tears welled up in his eyes.

I went in the kitchen about 10 minutes later and he was bent over a project on the counter.  He made it clear he didn't need help, and I left him alone.  

I returned later to see the bowl looking almost as good as new.  I guess I knew nothing about tape and bowls!  ;-)   He did a great job of fitting the pieces tightly back together.

It will still hold my rings. 
 From a distance, it looks just like it always did.  I hope the tape lasts forever, because now the bowl says the same things it did before, but more.  I see how much my little guy cared about my feelings, and how hard he worked to make things right.

In this case, I have decided to "Choose Joy," and see the love instead of the loss.  Lynn at Cottage and Creek has written a post sharing her intention to Choose Joy throughout 2012, and is also hosting a give-away... Of a beautiful fabric art piece she sewed herself that will serve as a daily reminder in the home of the winner.  Give her a visit and enter!

Cottage And Creek Giveaway

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