Monday, January 16, 2012

The "Impossible" in 2 Weeks

Drawn by the beautiful bathroom remodel photo I saw in Nesting Place's 2012 Home Goals Party, I traveled over to Thistlewood Farm to have a better look. While there, I was prompted to join the "Imagine the Impossibilites" Challenge hosted by her and a group of other great bloggers. The assignment was to take on a daunting task and share the completed result in a link party on January 31st.

The daunting task I'll be tackling is gathering our enormous amounts of books, now scattered about the house, into an organized library, utilizing the great new bookshelf Hubby built for our dining room.

I need to finish painting the shelf edges, and Hubby will put on the top molding. We'll actually have a completely finished project in our home! Too often we get to "usable" and stop, declaring "good enough for now," only to have "now" extend to years.

I will collect the books from bedrooms, under the stairs, and try to dig out the ones stored outside in boxes, hoping they're still in decent condition. I am investigating different ways to catalog and shelve the books so that we can group them in a practical way and find what we need when we want it... What a concept!

Just joining now, I have only 2 weeks to make this happen, but deadlines are good motivators. I'm excited to have this big task accomplished!

When I told Thistlewood Farm I'd be joining them, I mentioned that my real "impossible" task was organizing our photos, prints and digital, but I wasn't feeling brave enough for that yet. But maybe I'll get to it sooner, at least for the digital files, after reading about My Memories digital scrapbooking and the software Giveaway! at Beauty 4 Ashes.  You might want to take a look and enter, too.

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