Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Martin is enjoying the view, and must not be too cold
in his winter coat, as he seems in no hurry to come inside.

The Great Snow of 2012.  We're supposed to get a LOT of snow today, for us, at least.  With school cancelled, we have no where to go, so it's fine and we're excited about it.  About 30 miles south of us they're supposed to get about twice as much... up to 15 inches.

It rarely snows enough that there
isn't some grass showing under the
prune trees

I'm not sure what time it started, but we've got about 4 inches, so far, which is about half of the expected total.  It's 8 AM.  It's supposed to snow alllll day.  I thought I'd just add photos periodically throughout the day to see what really happens, accumulation-wise... As long as we keep electricity so I can!

We might as well use the dead van as a
measuring reference.  Snow amount at 8 AM.
It's Prince Go-for-It's 14th birthday.  Prince Stoic posted on Facebook, "Happy Birthday... I got you snow! Do you like it?"  :-D 

His chosen birthday dinner is fajitas, so at least we can do that without electricity if we have to.  -And we can always store his ice cream cakes outside if necessary.

The kiddos are still sleeping their snow morning away, so it'll be a bit before I know if it's "Good Snow,"... The kind that makes good snowballs and snowmen!

10:40 AM update.  The snow is still coming down, but tiny flakes.  

We have about 6" and they say most of the accumulation is here, and we should expect only a couple more inches today.

...And the birthday boy showed me that it does make snowballs!

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